Vehicle options for a Fort Lauderdale Airport pick up

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Vehicle options for a Fort Lauderdale Airport pick up

February 26, 2016 / 0 Comments / 470 /
Executive Cadillac Escalade
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Arriving at any airport in the world usually means the end of a trip that was long, arduous, and full of delay. The last thing you want to have then to do is a queue for a taxi at Arrivals or even worse try to find the public transport links.

The solution is to have transport waiting which will whisk you away to your hotel or accommodation in style without any of the hassles fellow passengers will be experiencing. Similarly, if you have important clients visiting to discuss a significant deal, you can offer them the VIP treatment they deserve. This solution is a limousine, and a range of stunning models are available for airport pick-up or drop-off.

Arriving at Fort Lauderdale

It is not permitted to park at the airport’s Arrival Area, so when you hire a limousine, your chauffeur will greet you in the hall and then escort you to the Cell Phone Waiting Area section on Perimeter Road, Terminal 1. This is only a short walk, and you will soon be in your spacious vehicle and on your way. As your driver will be experienced in airport journeys, you won’t need to be concerned that they won’t know where to find you or that you have a long walk to your transport. Altogether, it is a much more pleasant experience than seeing a shuttle bus or waiting for a cab. As there is ongoing construction work at Fort Lauderdale airport, you’ll also have someone who knows the layout of the terminals and is au fait with any diversions through the building.

The only way to look after clients

A crucial business meeting is scheduled, and the clients are flying from across the country to sit around the table to discuss a deal to change the future of your business. They need to feel refreshed and relaxed, and you want them to feel positive and in a great frame of mind. If they arrive late the previous night and have to battle traffic to find their hotel, it won’t be the best introduction to the area, and the meeting may be a little challenging. Arrange to have your VIP guests picked up in a limousine, and they will feel valued and respected, and relaxed. A Cadillac Escalade is a perfect choice with lots of legroom and a smooth journey. The Lincoln Navigator limousine has the air of professionalism you seek for larger groups.


Luxury vacation transport

You work hard all year and deserve to have a great vacation. While it’s perfectly possible to see famous local landmarks such as Port Everglades and Las Olas Boulevard with a hire vehicle or public transport, you’ll want to kick back and travel between destinations in style. With a limousine, you’ll never need to have a map at hand when you’ve taken a wrong turn in your hire car, and you’ll not be left waiting at the coach station for a ride back to your hotel. With an experienced driver accompanying you from the minute you arrive at the airport and during your stay in the area, you’ll be in safe hands, knowing they know the best routes to show you the sights. With the roomy seating a limousine offers, it doesn’t matter how many family members are accompanying you. There’s a perfect vehicle. Look at the Hummer H2 limousine or the luxury 10-passenger Ford van, with tinted windows for large groups traveling together.



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