Terms and Conditions

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The company cannot guarantee availability or the availability of a reservation when a customer makes a reservation less than 12 hours prior to their flight or on the same day. We suggest that customers call or text our number to verify their availability. We cannot be held accountable for any damage incurred from customers as a result of the inability of fl-limousine.com to deliver any transportation service as they promised. In such situations, the damages incurred by the customer will be limited by the amount of the ticket that was purchased from us.

Additionally, the company is not responsible for the items that are left by the customer in or out of the vehicle. If you are unable to locate something in a vehicle please call our office straight away to allow us to locate it for you. The client is fully responsible responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle caused by the vehicle or any member of their party, whether deliberately or by accident, over the course of their trip.


Cancellations can be made. For cancellations, please call the number we provide or text send us an email.

If the trip isn’t canceled within the time limit, however, a cancellation fee may be debited to your credit cards. To avoid paying cancellation fees we require that customers notify our customer service rep at least three hours prior to the time of pickup. If you are planning to pick up a vehicle from the nearby areas, it is recommended to inform us at least six hours ahead.


We are not responsible for missed/canceled/ diverted passenger trains or flights and any other situation that leads you to fail to conform to the applicable cancellation policy. If we don’t receive notification about delays or cancellations, or we cannot contact the contact person registered within 15 minutes from the pick-up time, the trip is considered to be a no-show. The driver must be at the correct time to pick up your vehicle or notify us about any changes to your reservation. This could result in charges for no-shows of the full amount plus any additional fees.

Credit Card Policy

Clients are required to provide their card information in advance to allow pre-approval on credit card payments. This is to prevent fraudulence but is not the sole method of payment to make your reservation. When making a reservation with a debit or credit card, a prepayment equal to 150% of the cost of the reservation is charged on the card to secure the total amount with travel charges, tolls parking, gratuity, additional stops, plus an additional charge for off-hours or time. Once the total cost for the service rendered by Florida Limo Service has been calculated, the balance amount is released.


Luxury sedans and sedans from the company fl-limousine.com can accommodate up to four adults and three standard-sized bags. Our SUV has the capacity to hold 6 people with 6 standard-size bags. The client is bound by the passenger capacity of the vehicle at the time of reservation and must ensure it does not exceed. If the customer does not comply with the limitations fl-limousine.com reserves the right to terminate the trip without reimbursement.


The company fl-limousine.com is taking precautions to ensure the privacy of its customers. All personal information registered or provided to us will only be used to make reservations and for billing purposes. It is not shared, traded, or sold to third parties. Furthermore, we utilize the most recent secure and encrypted servers to manage our payment gateways in order to provide the highest-quality Limo Service in Florida by ensuring a safe online transaction for our clients and making certain that there are no duplications fraud, identity theft, or fraud occurs. All transactions are done in US dollars.