Top 10 Priorities on Your Wedding Planning List

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Top 10 Priorities on Your Wedding Planning List

September 16, 2018 / 0 Comments / 285 /
Top 10 Priorities Wedding Planning List
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He’s been down on one knee, the ring is on your finger, but now you need to get organized. Your first step needs to be to focus on the main priorities. Once these are in place, you can sort out all of the lovely extras and touches around them. However, with the wedding industry grappling for your attention, how do you know where to give your time?

We offer wedding limo packages in Fort Lauderdale, so we’ve seen well-organized weddings and ones where the main priorities weren’t put in place first. You can tell on the day itself. Here are our top 10 priorities when planning your wedding.

  1. The Venue

Fort Lauderdale is fortunate to have an incredible array of stunning wedding venues. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this means there is plenty to go around. If you want one of the best-reviewed and exceptional wedding venues such as the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa, Riverside Hotel, Bonnet House, The Ritz-Carlton, Sonesta, or the Hilton Beach Resort, you need to book early.

Additionally, by choosing the venue first, you can be flexible with dates and ensure everything else fits the most challenging element to arrange.

What’s great is that venue viewing is exciting in itself. Why not organize a wedding limo in Fort Lauderdale to take you on your tour? It’ll be a memorable and romantic experience in itself.

  1. The Guest List

Once you know your chosen venue, you will be considerably better positioned to work out your guest list. The forum will have a maximum capacity. Therefore you can work out if you can practically go down to third cousins once removed or whether you have a legitimate reason for limiting the list.

By taking some time at this early stage to refine your guest list, you can also begin to set your expectations more realistically. You’ll start to get a feel for how your budget will stretch and what demands there will be on it.

Once you have the venue (and the date) and the potential guest list, you can send out save-the-date cards.

  1. The VIPs

Now, in the early stages, is the time to get to work wooing and recruiting your wedding party. These VIPs, your bridesmaids, and groomsmen will become your support squad.

Get them on board as soon as possible so you can pool resources and delegate tasks. What’s more, you’ll want to share ideas and excitement, and they are the ones to do it with.

Your bridal party can also help you navigate the logistics of wedding planning. Some of them may be experienced already, and they all have your best interests at heart, so they are invaluable as you walk this journey.

  1. The Transport

The best venues book up quickly, so does the best wedding transport. However, it’s crucial to give some thought to your wedding transport early on because it makes a fundamental difference to the smooth transitioning of your day and brings the luxury factor.

Wedding limo packages vary greatly. You need to choose a company that not only has an excellent reputation with vetted professional chauffeurs, but you also need one with a diverse fleet of wedding vehicles.

This is because you need the leading wedding limo to transport the bride and dad, then the bride and groom, and you also need to look at the bigger picture. It’s much easier and cost-effective if you look at wedding limo packages, which allow you to include luxury vehicles for the rest of the wedding party.

This may be limited to bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, you may also want it to include a party bus to take guests from church to the venue or from the platform to their accommodation to remove the need for non-drinking guests.

Don’t forget to also organize your transport for transporting you to where you are staying for your first night, and then get you to the airport for your honeymoon.

  1. The Entertainment

Once you know your venue and what they offer, you can then consider what other entertainment you may need. If you want to hire a band or musicians, you will also need to get on to this as soon as possible.

Happy guests make for happy brides, so think about the entertainment that will suit most of your wedding party. This will also help you to start considering the timings.

  1. The Outfits

Ok, now we’re letting you get to the point you want to be at! Now you can start to think about outfits. They don’t need to be this high on the priority list, but we know that you’ll be bursting with excitement to start checking out dresses.

It helps if you’ve already got your bridal party on board. They can help you select the best dresses which make you look incredible within your budget. Get your best shopping girls on the case!

Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress and have that on order, you can consider the bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits to complement this.

  1. The Photos

Another wedding industry professional gets booked up quickly is the wedding photographer and videographer. Please speak to your venue for their recommendations. Selecting someone who has worked at the venue before can be helpful.

Take time to view their portfolio and consider how you want your wedding to be captured. Don’t forget to ensure an element of timeless feel – you’ll be looking at these pictures for a long time to come!

  1. Food and Drink

Food and drink will account for a considerable chunk of your budget. Therefore you want to get this right.

Please speak to your venue and see what they offer and suggest. Often they will allow you to come for a ‘tasting’ session where you can sample the food and the wine. So that you can both be fully involved in this process, we highly recommend booking a limo ride with a chauffeur.

  1. The First Night and Honeymoon

All too often, the first night and honeymoon end up tagged on without as much thought as you’d like. Let’s face it. Usually, it falls to the guys, who are perhaps not as organized as we’d like.

Therefore, chat about expectations and budgets and ensure he’s on the case! Don’t forget to include the transport here for both taking you to, and collecting you from your airport or port.

  1. The Details

Once you’ve implemented all the steps above, it’s time to get excited about the details. Now you can think about décor and lighting. You can think about favors and wedding stationery, and you can think about flowers and presents for your helpers.

Knowing that you’ve got all the critical issues in place, you can now have fun with all the little details.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. However, it needn’t be if you follow the above priority list. Approach it this way, and we guarantee you’ll have had a whole heap of fun before you even get to the aisle!

To discuss your wedding limo Fort Lauderdale options, call us on 9 5 4 – 326-88 – 11 – we love wedding planning with you!


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