The Best Nights Out in Fort Lauderdale

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The Best Nights Out in Fort Lauderdale

March 13, 2017 / 0 Comments / 890 /
Blue Jean Blues
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Fort Lauderdale is known for its active nightlife and a great selection of clubs and bars. There is something for everyone, no matter what your taste is. Experiencing the difference in these venues is the recipe for a great night out, and the only way to get around between them is to ride in the style and class of a limo.

The Party Trail

If you want to be hitting the dance floor hard and fast, you will want to check out these bars on your night in Fort Lauderdale.

Georgie’s Alibi

Georges Alibi - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

The best place to start your night out is at the happy hour in Georgie’s Alibi. Not only will you get all the fun and cheap drinks of their ridiculous offers until nine, but it also serves the perfect food to start your night off. Sit down and enjoy an award-winning hamburger while listening to the VJ, choosing the right tunes to get your night running.

The Elbo Room

Elbo Room - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

If you have started the night off with Georgie’s happy hour, you’re just a short ride in your Fort Lauderdale limo service over to the iconic Elbo Room. You might remember the facade from the 60’s film Where The Boys Are, or you might know that anyone who is anyone in Fort Lauderdale heads here.

America’s Backyard

Americas Backyard - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

The last stop on this mini-tour of Fort Lauderdale is the outdoor party at America’s Backyard. Very few other places in America have the same approach to a party as this club can show you. The spirits are high, and the night is long. The best part is that when you’re all danced out, you can go and relax in the limo on your ride home.

The Discovery Tour

There is more to Fort Lauderdale than just a hard night on the dance floor. If you are looking for new ideas and an exciting change of pace, then these bars might be right up your street.

The Riverside Market

The Riverside Market - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

This bar allows you to experience and taste over five hundred craft beers, specialty wines, and even fifty different sodas. It is less of a bar and more of a high-class farmer’s market, much like the name suggests. This is the perfect venue to sit, relax, and work through the vast selection of local and rare brews.

Funky Buddha Brewery

Funky Buddha - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

The Funky Buddha Brewery is a recent addition to the Fort Lauderdale scene, but that doesn’t make it a stop-off any less vital. The brewery has quickly become a fixture in the craft brewing arena by offering locally sourced foods and craft brews. With a range of their beers brewed on-site, they offer a more relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy a long and leisurely afternoon beer without the frantic beats of the dance floor.

Blue Jeans Blues

Blue Jean Blues - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

Ending your night in the Blue Jeans Blues jazz bar is the perfect climax to this discovery tour. It has everything you would expect from a premier jazz club, outstanding live music, a chilled atmosphere, comfortable seats, and a wine list to be savored.

The In-Between

Not every night has to be huge, and you don’t always feel like a chilled night out either. This tour lets you get the best bits of both mixed.

Bru’s Room Sports Grill

Bru 039 S Room Sports Grill - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

This might be the only chain bar on this list, but it has earned its place here. The atmosphere can be tremendous on game nights, and the rest of the time, it would still be described as electric. Starting with some drinks and the snack menu, you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Blue Martini

Blue Martini - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

The Blue Martini cocktail bar is renowned for two things; their signature blue martini and the great bands they play every night. The mix of the two means that this is the perfect place for a few drinks, a little dance, or to sit and enjoy the music.


Yolo - The Best Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

Ending your night in style and with a good dance, the atmosphere at YOLO is guaranteed to get you up and to dance. The club has a huge dance floor and is perfect for the end-of-the-night drink and dance this tour has built up to. By the time you are ready to leave, you will be thanking your lucky stars that you have spent the night in the best limo service Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

Whichever night you plan on taking, there is only one thing you need to ensure you have the perfect night – the limo to take you around all night long.


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